Kat, Boutique Manager
Q How long have you been with Travel Retail?
Q I've worked for Jo Malone London for 5 years and in that time I've worked in various terminals and have also worked in Sloane Street London.
I'm currently placed in Terminal 5 as Store Manager where I've been for 2 years.
Q What do you love most about working for Travel Retail?
Q I love working for Jo Malone London at the Airport. I love the quality of the products and how unique all the beautiful fragrances are; there is truly something for everyone. Working on a shift rota pattern gives me a varied work schedule and I love the buzz of the Airport. 
Q What does your role involve?
Q My role involves working closely with my line mangers to make sure we are getting the best from everyone one and developing my business. Keeping my team motivated, running events and constantly facing new challenges daily.
Q What inspired you to work for Travel Retail?
Q I wanted to work for Jo Malone London Travel Retail because it's a fast paced environment, you get to meet different people every day and no day is the same.
We have a fantastic group of unique people who work in Travel Retail who encourage and develop you to be your best and I feel very proud to be part of it.
Q What is your must-have and why?
Q My beauty must have, has got to be the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily cologne. I've loved it from the day it arrived on counter, there nothing else like it and it makes me feel special when people comment and say how lovely I smell.